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Apparently everyone wants to apply for a job but not many of them have time nor skills to actually write a detailed Curriculum Vitale (CV) as per employer’s requirements. 

We have noted some of the tips that you may read to enhance your skills and knowledge on how to write a detailed Curriculum Vitae that may get you your dream that case NCnetgroup is here for you on that one.

This website also offers a service of typing Curriculum Vitae (CV) for you for as long as you give us your details. You can either come to our store and get it done or you email us the necessary requirements such as information to be on the CV (curriculum Vitae). However, because these days we are all scared of sending our personal details to strangers we also offer different types of formats that you can either download or contact us to send you, Obviously with an additional coast. 

Why the additional cost? 

You are actually paying for the service that our staff members are actually giving their time in typing for you a suitable Curriculum Vitae (CV) and also the logistics for the CV (curriculum Vitae) to be sent to you.

What are the conveniences caused by this?

You can have your Curriculum Vitae (CV) drafted while you are busy with other things, 

You can have it on the go (sometimes you see advertisement of vacant posts while you’re are on our shopping spree or doing other things that we might be doing in town so it will be convenient for you in situations where you cannot get your laptop and type your CV. That way you can just find a place to print and then you print a CV that is sent to you)

Some people might also think one CV is suitable for all jobs as long as they have the same details on them but the truth is one CV is equals one job.

Why is that so? 

Because you need to draft your Curriculum Vitae (CV) to be in favour or to sell for the job you are currently applying for. 

For example, you need to put all the necessary information for the people on the panel to see first in every Curriculum Vitae (CV) to a certain company. It is not advisable for you to send information about your previous job that is not relevant to the one you are applying for at the beginning of your work experience, however you need to reshuffle them so that for the employer sees the relevant one first this gives you an advantage as they won’t have to search for what they are looking for.



Remember to put your documents in a required order. What this means is that you need to know how you put your Curriculum Vitae (CV) together with your qualifications. Normally on the advert that you see, in each and every vacant post Advert they usually stipulate or list out the things for you to attach for example: May state that you must send the following: 

  1. Application Forms
  2. Cover letter 
  3. Detailed CV 
  4. Certified ID copy 
  5. Certified qualifications and the Driver’s license 

That is the order you must put your Curriculum Vitae (CV) in place. Put them in that manner so that you can increase your chances to be in the second round of sifting because is simple for them to find what they actually want to see.

Most panels would use that list of requirements to sift the Curriculum Vitae (CV) and we believe however the first sifting process is looking for the required documents on each and every candidate.

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