About US 

Welcome to the NCnet-Group site where we sell Information Technology items and do its services.

We the NCnet-group are here to bring Information Technology to the people of South Africa closer. We are here to make sure that Workers like Teachers catch up with this Technology and we are willing to guide them from step 1 to the last step.

To provide the Knowledge and skill of Information Technology to the people of South Africa and close the gap between other developed countries.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide you with the right information to approach this Technology with good understanding and with no fear.

Executive summary

NCnet cc is a company that prides itself in offering innovative IT solutions and is designed to offer the customer maximum Technological and financial benefits. We have a team of dedicated technicians who are well-equipped with knowledge and ideas to help our customers reap the full benefits that technology provides today. Our willingness to go the extra mile sets us apart from other service providers. One of our top priorities is to provide our customers with the best-of-breed technology and services.

NCnet was founded in 2011 by Munyai Ntsundeni Charles after obtaining the Diploma in Information Technology at PC Trading and Business college in 2009. Our main objective is to promote growth and development amongst young people through academic relationships with institutions of higher learning and also to add value to our customer’s businesses. We want South Africa to make a mark in the world of the internet by creating fully equipped websites for our customers. We improve our customer’s businesses by the latest online marketing.

Our day-to-day clients

We offer day-to-day services at the following companies and institutions:

  • Tshiawelo Secondary School at Vleifontein
  • Munzhedzi Primary School at Vleifontein
  • Maila Primary school at Ha-Munzhedzi
  • Masindi primary School at Ha-Maila
  • Michael Denga Ramabulana Secondary school at Ha-Maila
  • Vhaluvhu Secondary School at Tshitale
  • David Luvhimba Secondary School at Ha-Muila
  • Maseta primary School at Ha-Ramaru
  • Madihadzuli primary School at Ha-Maduwa
  • Tuwani Primary School at Tshitale
  • Madabude primary school at Ha-Maduwa
  • Vleifontein Clinic at Vleifontein
  • Watervaal Clinic at Watervaal
  • Macros hardware at Vleifontein
  • Arthur filling station at Vleifontein
  • And more

We offered the above-mentioned institutions and Companies maintenance and printing services.


Physical Address                              Postal Address                       Tel: 015 584 1530

1038 Tswime Street                   1038 Tswime Street         Cell: 079 351 1035

Vleifontein                                          Vleifontein                             info@ncnetgroup.co.za

0948                                                    0948                                       www.ncnetgroup.co.za