Curriculum Vitae | Resume

Curriculum Vitae / Resume

curriculum vitae is a typed summary of details that will convince the Human Resource Manager into hiring you, its length depends on the activities you have completed in relation to the job you are applying for. A resume is just a one-page summary that Mostly can be used by people who are applying for jobs in the same field they are working in.

People struggle with presenting themselves in black and white. And it seems there is no other way to do so than to have a good CV in place.

You can take note of the following points when drafting your CV:

  • Every CV has to present a particular Vacant. This means one cannot have one CV to apply for all posts. Each CV will have to present a certain job description(s).
  • Your CV must be presented in a certain order. Apart from having your Personal details, education, and work experience kind of sequence, there is a most important manner in which you should present or sell yourself. I.e on the work experience you would place them in chronological order because in most cases people apply for jobs that are related to their previous or current ones. Unless you are applying for a different job in which you are experienced in, then I would suggest that you place it 1st. 
  • Do not write unnecessary information on your CV, unless stated in the advert. Most people would have their health Status on their personal details. Rather remove the points that do not sell you with those that give you credit. Health is a very tricky one, you may state you’re Good health status, and the two weeks after getting a job, you fall sick.
  • Use a clean format that a person who is receiving your CV can follow through easily. Mind you there are many CVs to go through, they will not waste time trying to find something on your CV. 
  • Reference the people that you know they’ll put in a good word for you, and they should be people from a company you once worked for or an institution you studied from if you do not have experience.  
  • Skills acquired from your previous job are a yes yes, remember your new boss wants to know how you have improved your experience and that’s one of the reasons he would like t hire you.
  • Your contact information should be visible and it is wise to place it on top of your CV, therefore there is no struggle with contacting you. Most youth these days tend to have their email addresses unprofessional (nicknames), which on its own presents you badly.

Here are some CV formats you can view or download.

format 1


format 02


format 03


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