SAMPLE. PlayStation Move Motion Controllers

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The sleek PlayStation® Move Motion controller (2 pack) is your key to unlocking an interactive gaming experience. Grab a move motion controller and immerse yourself into all the gaming possibilities. Paired with the PlayStation® Eye camera, the motion controller translates your every move into the game with absolute precision.

Use the motion controller as a blade to slay foes, a brush to groom your fluffy pet, or a bat to drive home the winning run — there's a PlayStation® Move title for every member of the family. Expand your gaming abilities even further by using two motion controllers to track movement with both hands. Punch and jab in the boxing ring, or draw your arrow and release in an archery tournament. It's possible only on the PlayStation®3 system.

Key Features

  • Accurately tracks your every movement.
  • Bluetooth® technology for wireless gaming.
  • Precisely tracks both fast and subtle movements.
  • Sphere's light provides visual feedback during gameplay.
  • Vibration feedback is felt during specific actions.
  • Use up to four motion controllers with your PS3.
  • Pair with navigation controller (sold separately) in compatible games.
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery.
  • Charge the controller and automatically pair with the PS3 system via a USB-cable.
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