Windows Installation & Configuration

Windows Installation & Configuration

Windows Installation & Configuration

We install Windows for your Computer and Laptops and also configure them for error and corrupted files. We install your Computer or Laptop windows and Softwares like: Microsoft Office, Anti-Viruses and more.

We again sell the best Computers you can use e.g. Gaming Computers and Computers programmers kind of preferences. Place an order with us you will never be disappointed.

Computer Repairs

We repairs your Computer by replacing the damaged parts with new and also Upgrade your Computer to be one of the best.

Computer Sales

  • Gaming Computer
  • Laptops
  • Hard Drive
  • RAMs
  • DVD writers + External
  • External Hard Drive
  • Monitor
  • Power Supply

Software Sales

  • Windows
  • Microsoft Office
  • CorelDraw
  • Photoshop
  • Virtual Studios
  • and many more

NOTE: Our sale are made with order since we don’t have the products in store.

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