Webdesign and Facebook page

Webdesign and Facebook page

Webdesign and Facebook page

Webdesign is a layout of information that is designed to be displayed online in a form of menu heads and web-pages. We design websites in different forms which is : Personal Profile, Business Profiles site, Trust profiled site and School Profiled site.

Our website consist of metadata which is fast to be picked by Google and any other search engine.


  • You will need a domain name E.G (www.ncnetgroup.co.za) which start from R100 per year
  • Web-host – web-host consist of email and to make sure you site is online all the time. Which start from R99 per month


Facebook page is an advertising platform of facebook which has the more advantage since there are many people chatting on facebook are the whole world. Facebook gave you the chance to advertise to those people are the world are business can be easily known around the world.

About Us


We design website for school to improve the communication between parents and school stuff  and also increases the speed of teacher and student on finishing the Syllabus in time, since is possible for a teacher to upload the notes on the site and the student go and download and read without recopying it on the book.


Possible functions of a school website include:

  • Displaying student projects
  • Providing information on homework and current class assignments
  • Directing visitors to other resources on the web
  • Providing a forum for teachers, administrators, students, and parents to exchange information such as news and calendars of events
  • Introducing people who don’t know much about the school (such as parent or students who are considering moving into the district, community members who don’t have children, and teachers seeking employment) to its current events and general culture
  • Showing that a school is excellent with regard to sciences and new media in comparison to competitive schools
  • Providing a platform for internal school learning activities
  • Displaying school curriculum and courses
  • Providing staff and students with an entrance and front-end to documents and resources hosted locally


Advantages of school website

Keeping Parents Informed

The school’s website can be used for keeping parents/carers up to date with what is happening within the school community. The school website design should provide a quick and easy reference tool for things such as fee amounts, tuck-shop and uniform prices etc. Newsletters may be published on the website so that parents can access the latest news, even if their child is absent from school due to illness or a school camp.

The school website may be used to publish all the necessary forms for things such as fees, excursions, back to school information etc. This results in less congestion in the school office as parents are able to access the paperwork they need from the comfort of their own home.


Marketing Tool

The school website is an invaluable marketing tool. Providing the website is well maintained, it should contain up to date information for prospective families with regard to enrollment procedures, fee information, year levels taught etc. Parents are then able to compare schools in order to ascertain which one would suit their child the best.

A well designed school website enables families who are living overseas or interstate, and moving to Australia, to get a glimpse of school life before they arrive. The children are able to see what their uniforms will look like, what extra-curricular activities are available and even what is on the tuck-shop menu!

Webdesign and Facebook page, After a website is set then we set-up a facebook page for free.

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