LoadShedding Backup system (HOME)

  1. Gel Battery 200 Ah 12v Sun God American Gel Battery X 4
  2. Hybrid Inverter 48V 3 KVA 3000 WATT PWM 60A Inverter Pure Sine Wave Fivestar X 1
  3. 25mm DC Copper Cable for Inverter/Battery Connections with Lugs – Copper – Red / 25cm X 2
  4. 25mm DC Copper Cable for Inverter/Battery Connections with Lugs – Copper – Black / 25cm X 2
  5. Battery Fuse X 1
Product Price R29,000.00
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Weight: 196 kg

Product Description




The perfect solution for load shedding!

The all-in-one portable plug & play inverter battery trolley system  (Heavy Duty Inverter Trolley) Eazy portable compact unit with lock wheels as well as handles to carry the system.


What is an all-in-one portable plug & play inverter system and what does it do?

It is an inverter unit connected to a battery that provides power when there is load shedding. It will charge your battery once the power is on. As soon as load shedding hits, your inverter system instantly transfers over to battery power. This will allow you to keep your lights, TV, computers,  chargers, and wifi running during load shedding. Solar ready : Add a solar panel and charge your batteries when there is no power.

How much battery backup power will I have when the power is off?

If you connect 150w which is usually a TV, Wifi, Lights, etc. This portable system will last 4-5 Hours.


Sun Solar Inverter Specifications & Fixtures:

-Pure sine wave inverter
-Built-in MPPT / solar charge controller

Compatible with mains voltage and can charge batteries.

-Auto restart while AC is recovering

-Overload and short circuit protection
-Smart battery charger design for optimized battery performance
-Cold start function


How to maximize battery life:

Keep your inverter system plugged in and switched on, this will keep your batteries at full charge.



+-196 KG


This all-in-one system Includes:

1x Sun Solar Hybrid Inverter 12v 3 KVA 3000W MPPT

4x 200 Ah Deep Cycle Gel Battery

1x 1m Power Cable With Wall Plug

1x Battery Fuse

2x Solar Panel Plugs

1x 1m Power Cable With Wall Plug

1x 3 Point Plug Sockets



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